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Christmas fic: Three Impossible Things Before Breakfast - Dreamer's Nest

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December 24th, 2004

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07:43 pm - Christmas fic: Three Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Title: Three Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Fandom: Harry Potter
For: hekatelesedi

Three Impossible Things Before Breakfast

When James Potter opened his eyes and sat up to look out the window, he saw that it was snowing.

This was the first impossible thing.

The others had gone home for the holidays—even Sirius, though James knew quite well that come January he was going to have to think of some pretty smashingly good pranks to get Sirius back in form and out of the awful sulking he was prone to. Other than this, though, James didn’t particularly mind being alone at Christmas, here in this big castle, because being alone meant that he had the whole castle to himself, to explore and terrorize and generally have his way with, and that was nice. He had told the other boys in no uncertain terms that they’d better all be here next year, though, because next year would be their last Christmas together in this castle and no amount of cloying family reunions was going to take that from them.

Anyway, James had been trying to think positive, and viewing his solitary confinement in this castle without his friends was a start. It had been difficult, though; for once, Scotland had decided it quite liked sunlight, and the temperature hadn’t even hit freezing in weeks.

But this morning, Christmas Eve morning, it was snowing, and looked as though it had absolutely no intention of stopping.

As James stared at it in delight, he became vaguely aware of footsteps pounding up the spiral staircase, and a moment later the dormitory door burst open. He turned, and blinked in shock at Lily Evans, who was wearing a very pretty blue nightgown and a grey bathrobe, loosely tied, and bunny slippers. Lily Evans was probably the only girl in the world who could look drop-dead gorgeous in bunny slippers.

“James Potter,” she said, “get downstairs to the common room this instant.”

“Um,” said James. “Why?”

He was suddenly aware that he was wearing polka-dot pajamas and, God help him, his snitch-and-broomstick underpants. He felt grateful for his polka-dot pajamas.

“Because,” said Lily impatiently, “if you don’t go down to the common room, they’ll probably damage it and themselves. They won’t listen to me.” The unspoken, very annoyed addend even though I’m a prefect hung in the air between them.

“Damage what?” James asked stupidly.

“No time for questions!” Lily snapped. They stared at each other for a moment. She had very green eyes. They were also very annoyed.

“But,” James said.

“All right,” Lily relented. “Please, James.”

That was the second impossible thing.

James was out of bed and leaping down the stairs two at a time almost before he had time to think of doing so. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for a Lily Evans who said “please, James”.

There was a baby dragon in the common room.

That was the third impossible thing, hands down.

STOP!” James yelled as loudly as he could.

Everyone froze. Even the little dragon, which looked as though it might have been a very small Welsh Green but then again might have been wet green tissue paper strung over wire, froze and gave a little puff of smoke.

“All right,” James said, “what’s going on here?”

“It fell down the chimney,” one of the first years said stupidly. “It’s egg. And it hatched in the fireplace.”

“I doubt that,” James said, and felt Lily’s eyes on him. They were burning into his back. He wanted to squirm. He felt about six years old. Triple that, he told himself firmly. Let’s act twenty-six. At least.

“Anyway,” he went on, “I don’t know who was stupid enough to think they could hatch a dragon here and get away with it, but I’m not able to prove anything, so congratulations, you get away with it. Never mind; no one even touches that dragon. If they do, Lily here has my full permission to hex you, and believe me, she can hex someone sick. In the meantime, I’m going and getting Professor Dumbledore. Does everyone understand that?”

The room nodded silently.

“Good,” said James, and gave Lily a little nod.

She smiled.

James had to leave the common room very quickly, in case he fell over or made a fool of himself.

Out in the corridor, he spent a few moments simply standing there and feeling terribly surprised. At this rate, Lily was going to turn him into a rule-abiding Hogwarts golden boy. Who knew what might happen! She might smile at him again. He might never do another pra—well. He might never do another really damaging prank again. He might even become Head Boy!

This was all just daydreaming, of course, but things weren’t looking too impossible anymore.

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Date:December 24th, 2004 09:00 pm (UTC)

But no, we all know James is still the fun-loving, terror-causing young man we all know and love.

Charmingly awesome, anyway. ;D

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