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This is the joint writing journal of ariastar and polaris_starz. Roughly half the fics herein are co-written. This is a journal purely for fanfic; they both tend to keep their original fiction more or less to themselves and off the internet.

Fandoms on this journal include Harry Potter, Good Omens, and Discworld, though there are also other random drabbles from miscellaneous fandoms. Please be aware that the fic is generally slash-friendly, though all fairly low-rated. Harry Potter fic is generally MWPP-centric, with some Remus/Sirius and the occasional Lily/James in the interest of solid canon. Good Omens fic tends to be about Aziraphale and Crowley, paired up or otherwise. Discworld fic is almost always centered on the characters from The Truth, with William de Worde and Otto Chriek quite shamelessly shipped.

A compiled list of the posted fic may be found in the memories.